Phoenix Home Remodeling Essentials: 5 Stages to Ensure Success

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Phoenix Home Remodeling Essentials: 5 Stages to Ensure Success

Phoenix home remodeling

Home renovation is a big undertaking—even the handiest of homeowners who’ve tried to do it themselves generally agree. In fact, failed DIY projects account for more than 30% of the projects home remodeling professionals end up taking on.

But even when you’re hiring someone else to do it—whether it’s a mid-level kitchen renovation or a complete bathroom overhaul—there are still plenty of considerations for your to-do list. Before you select a contractor for your project, there are five important stages of home remodeling you’ll want to understand. Knowing these steps will help ensure your renovation goes smoothly and keep you within your budget.

5 Stages of a Successful Home Remodeling Project

  1. Planning
    No matter how big or small your project, do your homework first so you understand how home remodeling works. This is integral to staying organized to reduce the headaches and disruptions that can come with a renovation project. Understanding how to remodel a home starts with determining the size and scope of your project, from the fun parts like design and aesthetic choices to the less enjoyable aspects like building permits and potential relocation considerations.

    Remember that every change you make down the road will likely delay completion and increase costs, so a realistic plan is vital.

  2. Budgeting
    With a solid plan in place, you can more accurately create a manageable budget for your Phoenix home remodeling project and compare estimates from different contractors. While you likely already know your spending limit for your project, thorough and detailed estimates from trusted building contractors can help you put your project into a better financial perspective. They can also help you avoid big surprises later in the remodeling process while building in some padding for the smaller ones that arise in almost every renovation project.
    Additionally, it’s wise to incorporate a contingency into your budget to cover material increases or modifications made along the way. A good rule of thumb is to include 10% for contingency. So, a Phoenix kitchen remodeling project with a $25,000 budget with a $2,500 contingency, brings the total budget to $27,500.

    While staying on budget is always the aim of figuring out how to remodel a home, be skeptical of bids that are significantly lower than average. It’s important that you understand everything that’s included in the estimates, like labor and materials. Also, ask your contractor about their approach to value engineering to help save costs along the way.

  3. Demolition
    The demolition process is an exciting time, because it’s when the visible work on your Phoenix home remodeling project begins. However, as those who’ve been through it will attest, it can be disruptive to your home life. You’ll want a contractor who’s experienced in demolition projects and knows how to prepare and protect your home from damage. (Pro tip: Make sure they clean up related debris as they go, too.)

    The good news is, this phase typically isn’t a long one. Your main job in this phase will be to relocate breakable items, including wall art, furniture and lamps. Then, be prepared for the inevitable noise and activity that naturally accompany a home renovation.

  4. Construction
    The construction phase is typically the most challenging phase for your household. If you’re remodeling a guest bathroom, this phase may impact you less than a comprehensive kitchen makeover. Either way, accepting that some disruption will be part of the process and planning how you’ll manage it is critical.

    This step includes considerations like: Will you need to move out for a period of time? For example, a temporary location may make sense if power and water need to be turned off. Or, can you survive without your microwave while the area where your stove is located gets renovated?

    Regardless of the scope of the renovation, reviewing the basics with your contractor to understand timelines for the construction phases and when the greatest disruption(s) will likely occur can help you make plans to work around them.

  5. Cleanup
    The construction may be done, but the job definitely isn’t until your home is put back into place. Be sure to confirm clean-up plans with your building contractor and that they adhere to local waste management regulations.

With these tips in mind, you will be better prepared to start your home remodeling project with a Phoenix area contractor who is focused on ensuring your success from planning to cleanup.

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