How to Choose a GC for Your Phoenix Home Remodel

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How to Choose a GC for Your Phoenix Home Remodel

MCS Phoenix home remodel General Contractor

Do you need a general contractor (GC) for your Phoenix home remodel? Finding a contractor you can trust for your home remodeling project can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to know exactly where to start. But don’t worry: We’ll show you what to look for in a Phoenix-area remodeling contractor so you can find the right GC for your next project.

7 Steps to Find the Right General Contractor

  1. Ask your circle for recommendations
    Having family, friends, neighbors or a trusted realtor recommend a contractor based on their own positive experience is an easy first step on your research journey to find the right contractor for your Phoenix home remodel.

    Not getting great referrals from your inner circle? Try industry organizations like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or HomeAdvisor to find professional remodelers in your area. The Better Business Bureau can also help you gain a clearer understanding of a GC’s professional reputation. You can use the recommendations you find through these sources to build your list of potential candidates for your Phoenix home remodeling project from here.
  2. Look for experience
    The most important question you want to answer when choosing a GC for your Phoenix home remodel is an obvious one: Are they up to the job? Delve into the experience levels of any contractors you’re considering to get answers on how long they’ve been in business and the type of projects they typically take on (and if they’re similar to yours). Another smart way to gauge their expertise is to find out how long they’ve worked with their subcontractors. Strong relationships with top-notch subs are critical to long-term success for any GC, as well as for your project, so don’t be afraid to ask this question.

    Another potential indicator of experience and longevity can be found via the GC’s contact info. Do they have a website or business cards that list a professional office or workspace? A cell phone number is great to be able to reach them on the go, but a contractor with no physical address (where you’ll be able to find them) can be a big red flag you’ll want to avoid.
  3. Request references from the GCs you’re considering
    References unequivocally go hand in hand with experience. If your contractor clears the experience and expertise hurdle, what do the customers they worked with say about them? You’ll want to be able to get a feel for the quality of their work as well as their work style—how effectively they communicate and the level of service they provide to their customers.

    Ask them to share references from previous clients—five or more—and don’t stop there. Your potential GC should be able to share financial references as well, from their bank or suppliers, to confirm they pay their bills in a timely manner and that they’ll be able to procure the resources needed to complete your home remodeling project to your specifications.
  4. Check availability
    Yes, a good contractor is obviously going to be a popular (and busy) one. But what will that mean in terms of their workload and the prioritization of your project? Do they have time to devote to your Phoenix home remodel? This is also why you’ll want to determine a timeframe for completing your project up front. Sure, inevitably there will be bumps in the road, but you need to know you can count on them to complete your project within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  5. Schedule an in-person meeting
    You can definitely learn a lot about the professionalism of a potential GC for your Phoenix home remodel by doing research in the areas we covered so far. But once you narrow down your list, it can be helpful to request an in-person meeting to see if your communication and work styles are compatible. Competency is critical, but so is rapport—you’ll be working closely with them so you need to know that one-on-one relationship will be a solid one.
  6. Check licenses and credentials
    No matter how great a GC may seem, you still need to prove that they’ve got all the necessary paperwork covered on their end to protect you and them when you’re working together. Your Phoenix area remodeling contractor should be able to provide:
    • Proof of insurance via a certificate of insurance that includes their policy number and the insurance company’s contact info so you can verify their coverage
    • Proper bonding info, with details on their bonding organization
    • The required permits and licenses needed to complete your project
  7. Don’t forget a written contract
    Before your chosen Phoenix home remodeling contractor gets started, you’ll want to have a contract in place (signed by both of you) that lays out the project in clear and very detailed terms, from timeframes and scope of work to your agreed-upon payment schedule. If your project deviates from the contract terms along the way, your contract should be amended to include the changes. This helps ensure everyone stays on the same page and that your expectations will be met.

By doing detailed research and getting multiple quotes from potential GCs, you’ll set yourself and your home remodel project up for success.

Find the GC for your Phoenix home remodel

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